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HK Office:
Room 1102-1104, 11/F., CRE Centre, 889 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Tel: (852) 2420 5808 (6 lines)
Fax: (852) 2420 5507
Email: welcome@graceduty.com.hk

Graceduty Company Limited has been a well-established Company since 1984. We always seek for continuous improvement in a wider range of products to meet customer needs. Our objective is to provide ALL OUR CLIENTS - Quality Products, On-Time Delivery and Excellent Services.

Graceduty engages in sales and purchases of products.  We focus on three principal product lines – Welding, Wooden and Medical Products.  We believed that the competition in the market place is not just on price, but also on services, innovation, product quality and the availability of a wide range of products.  Therefore, we work on miscellaneous items to serve customers' enquiries and consistently launch new products to meet market demand. We always explore new business opportunities.
Our Principal Products:
1) Welding Accessories and Supplies like Gouging Carbons, Soapstones, Tungsten Electrodes, Tig Torch & Parts, Alumina & Quartz Nozzles, Mig Guns & Parts, Welding Accessories like Cable Connector, Chipping Hammer, Electrode Holder, Ground Clamp, Gouging Torch, Mig Pliers, Spark Lighters, Tools (Cylinder Wrenches, Tip Cleaners, Soapstone Holder, 4-Way Pick Kit, Trip Drill Kit, Tip Refacer, Welding Gauge, etc.).  Gas Cutting & Welding Equipments like Cutting Nozzle, Pressure Gauge, Regulator, Welding & Cutting Torch Outfits, Cylinder Cap, etc.  Safety like Auto-Darkening Helmets, CR39 Lens, PC Lens, Clear & Dark Glass, Magnifying Lens - Glass & Plastic, Aluminum Back Hand Pad, Welding Blanket & Welding Curtain, Welding Consumables like Welding Electrodes and Wires. Others like Ceramic Backing Bar, Welding Machine, etc.

2) Wooden and Bamboo products like Sticks & Spoons, Toothpicks & Skewers, Dowels & Dowel Pins, Clothes Pegs & Hangers, Craft Sticks & Kitchenware, Chopsticks & Golf Tees.  Products of other materials such as plastic, paper & metal are also supplied.
Medical Disposable Products like Gauze & Bandage Products, Non-woven Products, Wooden Tongue Depressors, Scissors, Emergency Blanket, Diagnostic Pen Light, Digital Thermometers, Poncho & Flash Light, Micro Slides, Toothbrush & Razor, First Aid items.

We recognized that the pursuit of better quality is vital to improve competitiveness and obtain business success.  We had adopted the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.  We surely believe that our quality commitment has created a continuous improvement culture, which reaches every person and process within the company as well as our outside suppliers, and all our staff commit to provide continuous excellent services to our customers.